Portfolio Advisory Services

We advise investors & family offices on their public market investments. We work with handful clients who believe in the long-term equity investment approach & understand the importance of staying invested through market cycles.

The portfolio strategy is to invest in a moderately diversified portfolio of companies where growth is underpriced & valuations are in attractive zone.  

Our portfolio advisory services are different from a typical PMS style structure. Portfolio’s are built for the long term. Focus is to keep the churn ratio & all other costs at a minimal level. The portfolio tends to deviate from the benchmark indices. 

The stock picking is usually market cap & sector agnostic. However, as a rule we stay away from very small or illiquid counters where impact costs are too high. We tend to stick with the leading companies / large players in their respective industries. 

Portfolio Advisory Service Plans

We follow high watermark principle
Taxes as applicable
There are no hidden charges, or other fees. We intend to keep the structure as simple as possible.
Plan A
Plan B

Fixed Fees Per Annum ( % of AUM )

0 %

1.5 %

Hurdle Rate ( Annual )

8 %

15 %

Profit Sharing % Above Hurdle

20 %

15 %

How it Works?

Signing Up 

Our team will assist you with your KYC details, risk profiling & onboarding

Portfolio Creation

We create a portfolio with suggested allocations & strategy


Client money remains in their respective accounts. Alpha Invesco does not initiate any transactions on clients behalf.

Portfolio Monitoring & Rebalancing

We track your portfolio from time to time, and help you to implement the changes in timely manner.


Every client gets a dedicated relationship manager. You will hear from your relationship manager regularly.


You will get quarterly updates on your portfolio & hear from your fund manager periodically.

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