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Our's is not a hot stock tips service, get rich quick scheme, but solid long term investments. Unlike experts on TV, Newspapers, we do not have 10 new ideas every day. We take our time & recommend only when we like something, and most importantly we understand it. 

The idea is not to lose money. So when we find such stocks, we want to load them up. The idea is to have few bets, but big bets. What's the point in having 2-5% allocation to your best idea! We are not fund managers, but individual investors. 

We ignore short term market trends & completely avoid acting on every news. We don't believe in buying / selling stocks based on their quarterly results.  The idea is to buy right & sit tight.

Less Noise. More Common Sense.

Invest In Stocks With peace Of Mind.

Stocks That We Like In Current Market Scenario.

At Present There Are 7 Stocks On Our Active Buy List.

Stock # 1 : A play on the revival of steel sector.

Stock # 2 : A media company that is turning around & looking at 5-7 years of non stop growth.

Stock # 3 : A bank which is on its way to revive & thrive.

Stock # 4  : A multi decade old brand that is making a huge comeback in profitability. 

  • Exit Calls : Exits are far more important. We ensure our subscribers enter / exit stocks via timely sms / email alerts & client login portal.
  • Number Of Stock Recommendations : You only need to find one great company early every couple of years to beat the market and to change your life. We do not work on more than 8 to 10 stocks at a time.
  • Time Frame : All stock recommendations have a time frame of 2 years & above. We keep on revising the time frame & price targets with fundamental change in performance. 
  • Price Of 2020 Subscription : One wrong trade or bad advice can cost you a lot more than the price of our subscription. We are sure you agree with that ! The price for the 2020 subscription is Rs 45,000/- + taxes.
  • Free Trials : There are no free trials. 

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"Your recommended stock Mirza International has turned my capital in to 4 fold. I am your subscriber since few years and trust your research and recommendations above all other inputs."

Umesh Damle, Pune

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"My portfolio was no less than a mutual fund with more than 20 stocks before. Got very high rewards once i adopted your strategy of  buying few stocks but high potential stocks.  Still holding Mirza, KRBL & Wim Plast."

R.K. Kayapati, Hyderabad

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"Alpha Invesco has the rare quality of picking up stocks that grow exponentially. I have gained tremendously from their extensive research and sound advice. I would strongly recommend alpha invesco."

Abhay Badlani, New Delhi

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"Your Simple & common sense investment approach works. Great results so far."

Abhijit Shah, Pune

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Our Investment Approach

Buy Companies That Are Small Today & Can Become Big Tomorrow

  1. Companies that can become market leaders in their segment
  2. Companies with scalable business model & exponential growth path 
  3. Companies that have the ability to gain pricing power
  4. Management executing the growth, overcoming temporary problems
  5. Stocks price trading at cheap valuations with re-rating / perception change possibilities

We Take Calculated Risks In High Potential Stocks With Margin Of Safety.

Started in 2009, found & managed by full time investors.

Chetan Phalke

Founder & Research Head

Chetan brings in his 12 years of experience in financial markets & investments that allows him to understand various businesses & probable scenarios. He has a Masters in Economics from Fergusson College, Pune. An avid reader, his core philosphy of identifying small & medium size businesses that can become big tomorrow drives stock picking & research at Alpha Invesco.

Shiven Tapadiya

Co-founder & CIO

Shiven looks after investment operations & portfolio advisory at Alpha Invesco. He has a Masters in Finance from University of Lancaster. Prior to joining Alpha Invesco, he was engaged in the family business at Gita group, an infrastructure firm based out of Pune with operations across India. Shiven brings his expertise in understanding ground operations of companies, field inputs & management interactions.

Alpha Invesco is a leading investment advisory firm with expertise in direct equity investments. The firm was started in 2009, and is based in Pune, Maharashtra. The firm has created a niche for itself with its experienced team of investment professionals, independent thinking & ability to take contrarian calls. As a result of consistent application of our philosophy and principles, Alpha Invesco has earned a large and distinguished clientele across Indian & NRI investment community. Today we serve more than 3000 clients via our equity research & advisory services. 

SEBI registration No : INA000003106

About Us 

We add stocks to the buying list AS & WHEN we find them. We do not have a new stock idea every week, like our CNBC / Economic Times experts! We work on very few ideas at a time. So if you are looking for a continuous supply of stock ideas from our end, we may not be able to live up to that expectation. 

There are years when we added more than 7-8 stocks to buy list, and then there are years when we added just 1 stock ! In last 18 months, we have added only 2 new stock ideas to our buying list.

At any given point of time, we do not have more than 10-12 stock ideas on the higher side. If a new stock is to be added, then one idea from the existing list goes out. This to ensure, our new idea is better than the existing ones!

Number of stock recommendations, depends on a/ We find something that we understand b/ Stock fits into our criteria c/ is available at a good price. 

Also, our stocks tend to give their best performance 3rd year onward, and not in the 3rd month or so. So if you are looking for a quick buck in the markets, may be our services may not fit the bill.

Yes, and we make mistakes too! Check out our hall of shame here.

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We Are Not A Stock Recommendation Machine.

" Top holding in my portfolio is up by 600% from purchase and i am still keeping it for higher level. It will be my first 10 bagger investment so far.  This type of returns can not be made by flipping from one stock to another. Thanks to alpha invesco team for making us invest this way. "


Anuj K, Pune

Subscriber Since 2013

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" Let me first appreciate for your research reports and customer service executives...they are world class. The reports are very well written and explains the rationale for investments very precisely. And your staff is very co -operative and helpful.Keep up your good work ñ I am a satisfied customer . "

Anand Desai, Ahmedabad

" I am truly happy to get associated to you i wish i could have discovered you a little early, i like your way of analyzing the stocks and i am sure going forward your ideas will surely turn all of us prosperous. "

Mahesh Arni, Mumbai

" Fantastic research work. Alpha Invesco has been so far a great wealth creator for me. Congratulations to the whole of alpha invesco team for results, You all are doing a great work by advising and educating us in a right way. "

Suman, Madurai

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