Sweden Banking Crisis

Can Indian Banking Sector Rebound Like The Swedish of 1990's

In the mid-1980s, Sweden’s financial system underwent major deregulation, which made Sweden financially integrated with world financial markets. This deregulation was the main impulse behind a strong boom-bust cycle for Sweden.
Indian Pharmaceutical Industry- The Tide is Turning

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry - Is The Tide Turning ?

After a bruising two years, the Indian pharmaceuticals industry appears to be set for a sharp turnaround in fiscal 2019. The projected good run is premised on a decline in regulatory alerts for larger companies as well as a bigger pipeline of high-value drugs compared with last two years.
Indian Banks

Indian Banking Sector - Some Uncommon Numbers & Ratios

This blog is in continuation to our blog series on Banking sector, where we have tried to explain the Banking sector as whole from scratch (explaining the terms and jargons) and have deep dived into how Indian Banking sector has evolved over decades. In the current blog we focus on the ‘not-so-trivial’ data points of banks, which are commonly not looked at, but are worth looking at!
Filter Coffee

A Brief Overview Of Global & Indian Coffee Sector

Coffee is produced in approximately 70 countries, but the world’s largest coffee producer by far is Brazil. This makes the price of coffee sensitive to weather conditions in Brazil. The countries of west Africa and Vietnam produce mostly Robusta coffee.

Understanding The Indian Tyre Industry, Key Players & The Road Ahead

The Indian Tyre Industry is an integral part of the Auto Sector - It contributes to ~3% of the manufacturing GDP of India and ~0.5% of the total GDP directly. So, let’s understand the dynamics of the Tyre Industry in India.

Highlights From Raghuram Rajan's Letter To Parliamentary Committee

There is just no reason for media to sensationalize the letter. Mr. Rajan has put the hard facts out there & helps us to understand the extent of rot in the PSU banking system.
Indian Banking Sector - NPA Mess & The Way Out 2

Indian Banking Sector - NPA Mess & The Way Out

The Gross NPA of Indian Banking sector has increased from ~2.5 lac cr in FY14 to over 10 lac cr. This has lead to aggressive provisioning by banks.
Indian Banking Sector - Current Landscape, Some Facts and Figures

Indian Banking Sector – Current Landscape, Some Facts & Figures

Top 5 PSU banks account for ~60-65% of total PSU bank advances, and top 5 private banks account for ~80% of the total private bank advances. This makes them fairly representative of their respective segment for our analysis.

Understanding The Indian Banking Sector - Part Two : How The Bank Makes Money

Banks offer different value propositions to different customer segments. To retail customers, banks offer Home loans, Education loans, Auto loans, and Personal loans. And for Corporate customers in different industries have different loan requirements.