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frequently asked questions

Being full time investors, we keep on looking for new ideas along with holding existing stocks. With 2020 subscription you get access to all our existing & future stock ideas till December 2020. You get access to stock ideas,our proprietary research & all alerts on important events / results etc.

With 2020 subscription, you get access to not just stock ideas but our decade long experience & expertise in finding wealth creating midcaps. We invest along with you in the very same stocks. This allows you to stay away from crowd noise & herd mentality. Even one wrong trade / investment can prove extremely costly in markets. We consider 2020 subscription itself an investment. An investment that ensures not just safety of your capital, but healthy growth without taking much risks. Perhaps, wealth creation with peace of mind.

There is a one time subscription fees of 45,000 /- Rs + GST. Which gives you access till December 2020. There are no other fees whatsoever.

  • Enviable track record of identifying several wealth creating midcap stocks.
  • Simple, common sense, buy & hold approach. (some may find it boring. But yes, moneymaking in med to long term investments is boring).
  • No advanced / complex strategies or active monitoring of day to day markets.
  • Stay away from all the market noise, there are no new ideas every week or month.
  • Focus on a limited universe of stocks to be able to create portfolio & monitor it.
  • Practical & actionable advice which we implement for our own portfolio.
  • Timely entry / exit alerts.
  • End to end support & complete follow up of every stock recommendation.
  • Alerts via email & sms. Access to support desk.

Yes. We do publish visiting notes & brief summaries on why we have invested in a particular stock. We keep on updating these reports along with all important events, analyst & management meets, conference calls etc. We keep our research simple & easy to understand. Rather than putting our energies in writing endless research reports, our focus is more on tracking the business & performance of companies we recommend.

We look for ideas that can potentially double in 3 years & eventually have the potential to deliver far higher returns. However, markets are supreme & things can change faster than all of us imagine. Once a stock is recommended, we keep on revising our assessment & expectations. In effect, there is an initial price target we set, and it keeps on getting revised upwards or downwards depending on the situation.

This approach has given us returns of 5x, 10x & even 15x+ in some cases. And we follow the same approach, that is; find good businesses at an attractive price, load up heavily & then wait with patience.

Ideally our stocks start performing from 2nd or 3rd year onwards. There are no over-night wonders here. For overnight riches, there are enough casino’s !

We do not have more than 10 stock ideas at any point of time. For any new stock to be added, we exit from an existing stock in case we have already reached 10 stocks. This makes sure that our advice remains actionable & investors are able to create a portfolio. There is no fixed number of stocks to recommended every year or month. We add new stock as & when we find anything that's worth building a position.

Yes there are. Even we followed the same approach in the past. However, it reduced our focus & perhaps returns. If we keep on adding new stock every month, it is impossible to build a long term portfolio & it also affects the quality of research and recommendations. Having limited number of recommendations helps us to track these stocks closely & build meaningful positions in them.

We believe it is not possible to build long term wealth with continuous addition of new stocks to portfolio. Few great stocks are enough to have a successful investment career. Which one is more easy, 50% returns in 10 stocks or 500% return in 1 stock ? We think later one is more easy & makes sense.

We enter the stock with an initial view of 2 to 3 years. Average holding period for each stock differs as per the company / stock performance

Yes. We take end to end responsibility of each recommendation. Exit alerts are more important than entry alerts.

We prefer buying stocks that offer reasonable margin of safety. Situations where upside is unknown but downsides are known. On and average we do not recommend anything if we see more than 40% downside risk on a particular stock. However, markets are supreme after all. There have been instances in the past when stocks fell more than 40% from our initial purchase price.

We recommend building a portfolio of minimum 6 stocks & maximum 10-12 stocks. Once you fill in risk profiling form, we assist you in building your portfolio and suggest you ideal stock allocations. A ready made stock allocation chart is provided once you login to your account. You can always speak to our support desk in case you require any assistance.

There is no sector specific approach as such. Our criteria for stock selection is;

  • We should understand the sector or stock.
  • Somewhat predictable outlook. We avoid getting into highly disruptive areas.
  • Attractive valuation.
  • A reasonably large growth highway / size of the opportunity.
  • Companies that are leaders or one of the potential leaders in their segment. If anything fits into our criteria, we go for it.
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