Stock Market Investment Ideas & Model Portfolio

Our online subscription service offers access to stock market investment ideas, research reports & model portfolio updates. Usually the stock market investment ideas have a 3 to 5 year time horizon & offer attractive compounding opportunity with high margin of safety.

Our Stock Market Investment Advisory Services Are Suitable For:

HNI & Individual Investors in Indian stock market
Well informed equity investors & analysts looking for in depth research

Investors who are seriously looking for long term investment ideas

Type Of Stocks

That Are Covered In Our Present Recommendation List:

We usually stick to leading companies in their respective segment & industry.

Our stock market investment approach is inclined towards deep value + growth stocks depending on the market environment.

We stay away from fancy stocks, avoid entering at very high valuations.

We avoid microcaps, small caps where there is no liquidity. While entering such stocks is easy, exit could be challenging.

Present Composition Of Our Stocks Market Investment Ideas

Market Cap

Less than 1000 cr

1000 cr to 5000 cr

5000 cr to 20000 cr

20000 cr & above

Number Of Stocks





Number Of Stock Market Investment Ideas

New stocks are added as & when we find an attractive opportunity.

There could be a year where we add 10 stocks, and there could be a year where we don’t add any new stock idea.

Following The Stock Market Investment Ideas


We follow a model portfolio approach. Subscribers are advised to follow the model portfolio & given stock allocations.


Subscribers are supposed to follow the buying & selling price range that is suggested in the model portfolio.


Subscribers are advised to follow the suggested % allocation to each stock. 


Since every client joins the subscription service at a different time of the year, it could take some time for you to match the complete model portfolio.


Some stocks could be out of buying range when you join the services. Subscribers are advised to stay in cash or put that money in liquid funds till stocks come into the buying range.


Exit Calls

Quarterly Results

Quarterly Webinar

We track each & every stock market investment idea till the exit call is given. Exit calls are more important than the buying calls.
Our research team keeps updating you via quarterly result updates & latest status on the stock recommendations
Whenever we add a new stock, you will get a research report or presentation that explains our investment rationale on the stock
Our research team conducts a quarterly webinar to keep you updated on their thoughts on the model portfolio, general stock market environment, sectors that look interesting to us & more

Annual Meet

We meet all our subscribers once a year in Pune. Senior research team headed by Chetan Phalke conducts the presentation followed by detailed question & answer session.

Subscription Service

Key Benefits:

  1. High Potential Stock Market Investment Ideas
  2. Actionable Advice, Model Portfolio Of Less Than 12 to 15 Stocks
  3. Monthly Webinars On Recommended Stocks & Model Portfolio
  4. Timely Entry / Exit Alerts & Quarterly Updates
  5. Best In Class Research, Client Support & Hand Holding

How it Works?

  1. Stock Reco’s Are Released ‘As & When’ We Find Opportunities
  2. Detailed Research Reports For Each Stock Market Investment Idea
  3. Quarterly & Monthly Updates Via Webinar’s, EMAIL, SMS
  4. All Stock Idea’s Have A Clear Buy / Hold / Sell Rating
  5. Clearly Defined Indicative Stock Allocation & Buy / Sell Price Range For Each Stock

Subscription Plan FAQ’S

Is there any other expenses apart from the subscription fees ?

You just have to pay the subscription fees + taxes . There are no other fees whatsoever. The services have to be renewed once your subscription period is over.

Do you publish research reports ?

Alpha Invesco is known for its in depth research & we do publish the thesis / research reports on all our stock recommendations.

What returns should i expect from your stocks ?

We look for stocks that can become multibaggers & have the potential to multiply capital. However, not all ideas work out exactly as per the expectations. At a portfolio level, we expect to achieve 18 to 24% CAGR returns over a period of time.

How many stocks are recommended every year ? Is there a fixed number ?

  • FY 2016 – 1 buy recommendation & 11 sell recommendations
  • FY 2017 – 1 buy recommendation & 3 sell recommendations
  • FY 2018 – 1 buy recommendations & 4 sell recommendations
  • FY 2019 – 5 buy recommendations & 1 sell recommendation ( as on November 2018 )

There is no fixed number of stocks that are recommended every year. It depends on the stock market situation & number of opportunities we can find. We do not recommend anything unless it fits into our equity investment criteria i.e. a combination of attractive upside potential + high margin of safety.

What is the average holding period ?

We enter the stock with an initial view of 3 years. The holding period can go up or reduce depending on earnings, factors like, whether the story is on track etc.

Do you give exit alerts ?

Exit alerts are more important than entry points. We track all the stocks till the very end & handhold our clients throughout the holding period.

How do I build a portfolio with your stocks ?

We provide a model portfolio consisting all our stock recommendations. Model portfolio comes out with indicative % allocation to each stock & a suggested buying range.

What Not To Expect

Perfectly Timing The Markets

It is very common to have drawdowns / temporary downfall in individual stocks. Especially when dealing in midcap segment. Our stocks are not immune to this phenomenon. Nobody can perfectly time the bottom / tops of the stock market or individual stocks. It’s not worth trying.

What To Expect

Hand Holding & Guidance On All Stocks

Alpha Invesco is your reliable long term wealth creation partner. Our job is to help you to navigate through various stock market cycles successfully. Via our monthly webinar & updates, we help our clients understand on;

1. What we are advising to buy / hold

2. Why our clients should do so

Over-analysis, Regular Action In Markets

We do not believe in analysis paralysis. Better to focus on tracking material events that matter & not every small little detail or everyday stock market events, NIFTY / SENSEX movements.

Relevant Updates, Invest With Peace Of Mind

We track all stocks very closely. And share relevant & important updates on material developments related to the companies that we hold. Stock market investments are made with a long-range view.

Guaranteed Year On Year Performance

We do not believe in analysis paralysis. Better to focus on tracking material events that matter & not every small little detail or everyday stock market events, NIFTY / SENSEX movements.

Non-linear & Lumpy Performance

Our equity investment style is lumpy. Many times, our stocks give no returns for 2 years & suddenly there is a big jump in the 3rd / 4th year. Usually, our stocks start to perform from 3rd year onwards since we buy when things are out of favor. The idea is to outperform over a period of 3 to 5 years.

Chasing Momentum & Hot Stocks

We strictly avoid short termism & riding on the momentum of particular sector or stock. Also, we tend to go for ideas that are out of favor at present. Chasing earnings momentum at high valuations or overstaying in crowded trade is a high-risk strategy in our view.

Margin Of Safety, Capital Protection

Safety of capital is paramount to us. And the best way to avoid significant capital loss is by avoiding overpaying. We diligently analyze stability of business model & entry valuations. Everything is good at a price! Entry price decides the returns one can make. When you are buying on the way down, momentum players vanish & there is no competition.

Continuous Flow Of New Stock Ideas

In our experience – the big money is always made when stocks are held for long time. And not by jumping in & out of many stock ideas. We are open to new ideas only if they are better than the existing ones.

Few Bets, But Big Bets

Relatively concentrated stock market investment approach. Less than 15 stock ideas at a time. We may have small allocations in certain stocks, which can be scaled up as the company performs.

Quick Money

We believe in giving realistic expectations & guidance to our clients. We aspire to achieve 18 to 24% CAGR return over a period. Anything on top of it is a bonus. Expectation setting is very important. Money will not grow at a higher rate just because you want it to grow fast! Stock market returns are a function of skill + external factors. And that’s the best advice an investment advisor can give to clients.

We Make Mistakes Too

We are not invincible or immune to making mistakes. There have been instances where we got our call on the business or valuations wrong. Nobody in the stock markets can claim to have superhero abilities or have a 100% success rate. Our aim is to minimize the damage to capital & overall portfolio performance even if we go wrong in certain cases.

If You Agree With Our Equity Investment Philosophy,

We Welcome Your Business

We stick to the value approach, which underperforms during certain phases. Our objective is to achieve outperformance over a period of time.

This is a serious long term investing approach & not based on short term momentum.

1 Year

Rs. 25,000

Access For 12 Months

Inclusive Of All Taxes

2 Years

Rs. 35,000

Access For 24 Months

Inclusive Of All Taxes

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