financial shenanigans

Financial Shenanigans : How To Detect Financial Reporting Tricks - Part 1

Enron’s revenue went up more than 10 times in just 5 years from $9bn to $100bn whereas, its net profit was hardly doubled (in 2000 vs. 1995). Clearly something was wrong as it took Walmart - 10 years to go from a revenue of $10bn to $100bn, 31 years to General Motors, 27 years for Ford and 17 Years for ExxonMobil but Enron did it in just 5 years. It was the largest corporate bankruptcy in U.S. history (until WorldCom declared bankruptcy seven years later followed by Lehman Brothers in 2008).
Sweden Banking Crisis

Can Indian Banking Sector Rebound Like The Swedish of 1990's

In the mid-1980s, Sweden’s financial system underwent major deregulation, which made Sweden financially integrated with world financial markets. This deregulation was the main impulse behind a strong boom-bust cycle for Sweden.
Indian Pharmaceutical Industry- The Tide is Turning

Indian Pharmaceutical Industry - Is The Tide Turning ?

After a bruising two years, the Indian pharmaceuticals industry appears to be set for a sharp turnaround in fiscal 2019. The projected good run is premised on a decline in regulatory alerts for larger companies as well as a bigger pipeline of high-value drugs compared with last two years.

Performance - Winners, Mistakes & Stock Selections That Went Wrong

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